4 Wellness Benefits of Acupuncture

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Ever thought of trying acupuncture?

It’s mainly known for reducing all types of pain from women’s health to sports injuries. But did you know there are countless lesser-known benefits of acupuncture for overall wellness?

If you want to have more energy and look and feel better physically and mentally, acupuncture is worth researching.

Keep reading to learn what acupuncture could do for you.

Benefits of Acupuncture

The human body has more than 2000 acupuncture points connected by pathways and a system of energy meridians. These all have various functions and are capable of supporting our health in limitless ways.

1. Mental Health Benefits

Acupuncture can be used to ease symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. It works by stimulating the energy centres that are responsible for our emotions and mood, having a relaxing effect. Endorphins are released, helping with physical and mental pain, and reducing stress.

The sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for our stress response is soothed by acupuncture. This helps many people create lasting relief from chronic stress and anxiety.

Its a holistic alternative to toxic medications with almost no adverse side effects, helping you heal naturally.

2. Improved Sleep

Acupuncture can be helpful if you experience insomnia, sleep apnea, or any pain or discomfort that damages your sleep. Treatment can increase the release of melatonin in your body the hormone that controls and regulates our sleep cycle.

Suffer from restless leg syndrome? Acupuncture can stimulate the parts of the brain with the associated muscles, providing the relief you need.

3. Weight Loss

One of the more surprising benefits of acupuncture is its ability to aid weight loss.

This works by its ability to regulate your hormones, improve your digestion, and reduce water retention in your body. Simultaneously, by boosting your mood and mental health, it may also reduce your cravings for food and help you make better meal choices.

More research is needed here, but acupuncture in your ear could even reduce memory-induced cravings.

4. Skincare

If you experience problem skin that isnt responding to other treatments, try acupuncture it can help with dry skin, acne, rashes, and more.

It can also support you with healthy ageing by relaxing your muscles, softening wrinkles, and lifting sagging skin. This cosmetic acupuncture which involves using the face, neck, and scalp to make your face look tighter and more toned.

Other beauty benefits include reducing puffiness, skin brightening, and reduced rosacea.

Getting Started with Acupuncture Treatments

The benefits of acupuncture are unlimited with the right treatment and support.

Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT)? Its a powerful allergy treatment for food, home, or chemical sensitivities. Its a single procedure that has the potential to clear your allergy completely.

Alpha-Gal treatments are for healing you following a tick bite. Theres an acupuncture treatment for everything.

If you want to improve your health and wellness, reach out to one of our acupuncturists. You deserve to be in full health, book an appointment today.

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