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Acupuncture for Vertigo: Does It Work?

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Did you know that vertigo affects almost 40% of the American population?

If you suffer from vertigo, you have likely tried everything for your symptoms. Medications, vestibular rehab, canalith repositioning procedure (CRP), and even surgery are the most common treatments doctors recommend for vertigo.

Yet, not everyone who undergoes these treatments gets relief from their symptoms. This is where acupuncture for vertigo can come in. After all, acupuncture benefits vertigo.

But does acupuncture really help with the symptoms of vertigo? Research shows that this vertigo treatment can be effective for people with vertigo. Keep reading to learn more.

Acupuncture for Vertigo: Explained

Some experts consider acupuncturing the best long-term treatment for people with vertigo. It may also help with vertigo prevention.

You may benefit from acupuncture if you experience one or more of the following vertigo symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Problems with balance
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Tinnitus (i.e., a ringing sound in the ear)
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Motion sickness (i.e., sickness upon standing or moving)
  • Fullness in the ear
  • Uncontrollable eye movements

These symptoms come about as a result of the two types of vertigo. Peripheral vertigo happens due to an issue with the inner ear. Meanwhile, central vertigo happens due to issues in the central nervous system (CNS).

Why Does Acupuncture Help With Vertigo?

Acupuncture utilizes needles administered at pressure points. Pressure points are locations where, when stimulated, the patient experiences pain relief and a reduction in tension. A reduction in vertigo may also result.

But why does acupuncture help reduce the symptoms of vertigo? Scientists are not exactly sure. What we do know is that this treatment really does work in clinical settings.

For example, the most recent case study on acupuncture and vertigo looked at the effects of the former on a 66-year-old woman with peripheral vertigo.

The patient underwent acupuncture 12 times a week for a total of six sessions. After those six sessions, the patient reported no further episodes of vertigo. Her vertigo symptoms also went from a 22 out of 60 to a 4 out of 60.

What to Expect from Auricular Acupuncture for Vertigo

There are pressure points in the outer ear, which are known as auricular pressure points. Stimulating these pressure points can benefit vertigo through multiple proposed mechanisms.

For example, some experts believe that stimulating auricular pressure points may increase blood flow to the brain. This mechanism of action would benefit people with central vertigo, in particular.

Another proposed reason auricular acupuncture really works for vertigo is that this treatment reduces local inflammation and swelling. Some scientists believe that inflammation may be among the top peripheral vertigo causes.

Searching for ‘Acupuncture for Vertigo Near Me’?

Acupuncture for vertigo is an effective treatment for both central and peripheral vertigo. In some case studies, acupuncture has also helped stave off episodes of vertigo in the long term.

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