The Best Ways to Relieve Tension in Your Shoulders

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Shoulder pain can be a disorder or a symptom. It can be challenging to define what constitutes shoulder pain exactly, which is why experts estimate that the prevalence ranges anywhere from 6.7% to 66.7% of the population.

Treatments for shoulder pain vary depending on the cause. Often, poor posture and stress are to blame. Treatments for shoulder pain stemming from these issues include stretches, warm compresses, massage, and lifestyle changes.

But the best treatment for tension in your shoulders is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wellness practice that promotes your body’s ability to heal itself. Here’s how.

What’s Causing That Tension in Your Shoulders?

Painful or stiff shoulders can be a symptom of something more serious, like dislocation. But that is not the only cause of shoulder pain. More commonly, people have stiff shoulders due to one of the following issues.


Chronic stress increases inflammation in the body. While inflammation is a good thing temporarily, it can cause complications in the long run. For example, prolonged inflammation may lead to stiff shoulders and pain.


Shoulder pain can also happen due to overusing your upper body muscles. Also known as repetitive stress, overusing your shoulders can lead to injury and, ultimately, shoulder pain. Bad posture can also lead to overuse.


One of the most common causes of shoulder pain is an injury to the rotator cuff. Sometimes, rotator cuffs can become dysfunctional due to age, not injury. Your rotator cuff is a muscle that helps your shoulder joint flex and move.

What Is Acupuncture for Shoulder Tension?

Acupuncture can address the causes of stiff shoulders, ultimately leading to relief. This TCM treatment focuses on the body’s flow of energy, called Qi. Imbalances in Qi flow can lead to shoulder pain and vice versa.

Adjusting these imbalances is essential to alleviate the causes of shoulder stiffness. Your acupuncturist will insert sterile needles into specific points on your body. Stimulating these points, called acupoints, balances Qi.

Balancing your Qi has a direct effect on stress levels. This treatment also has a more roundabout effect on injury and overuse. Restoring balance to your energy flow promotes natural healing and relief for your shoulders.

More specifically, acupuncture has anti-inflammatory effects. As mentioned, inflammation is a natural part of the immune system response. Yet, overactive inflammation often leads to pain.

Acupuncturists can help you reduce inflammation throughout your body. Your shoulder muscles can return to normal function. The best part is that this effective treatment is completely drug-free.

Searching for Acupuncture for Stiff Shoulders?

Stretching, icing, and massaging your shoulders can help with tension release. Yet, these solutions may not relieve the causes of stiff shoulders. Try acupuncture if you are looking for an effective and drug-free solution.

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